We advise and represent concert and tour event managers and organizers, guest theatre directories, art management agencies, event agencies, artists, entertainers, tour operators, security companies, individuals and media companies in all those legal aspects concerning events and entertainments. This also includes the following topics:

  • Artist social tax liability from agencies, guest performances and concert directorates;
  • Fee conflicts with the GEMA, GVL and other collecting societies;
  • Contractual design for organizers and participants (organizers, event facilities, event technologies such as sound, light, stage etc., artists, guest performance agencies, restaurateurs, hoteliers etc.);
  • Official permits and licenses for performances of foreign artists in Germany;
  • VAT exemption acc. § 4 No. 20a and b UStG, application of the standard and reduced VAT rate, taxability for cross-border services, limited tax liabilities etc.;
  • Labour Law issues;
  • Trademark, title protection and competition law issues in the context of event law;
  • Copyright issues;
  • Customer protection and conceptual protection in the agency business;
  • Liability of event organizers.


For the organization and realization of even smaller events, it is fundamental to regulate every action with related contracts; medium and large events need to be regulated by a variety of legal relationships. At a live-event it is really important to have a strong organizational structure able to react as quickly as possible (and in a legal manner!) in the most unpredictable situations.

We do not only accompany you throughout all your legal issues that may have to be clarified before an event, but we can also be present on the occasion of your event to solve unpredictable problems immediately.

Our lawyers are specialized in copyright and media law, and we all are fluent in English. This allows us to follow you even throughout international events legal aspects.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and queries.

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