We advise and represent employers and employees in the media sector on all types of labour law issues. We support the creation and termination of employment contracts and represent labour court proceedings.

Artists Social Laws

In addition, we also represent our clients in artist’s social law matters. Accordingly, we advise on tendency operations, represent in status processes regarding editorial regulations and advise on relevant collective agreements.

Labour Law/ Media Industry

Our specialist lawyers for copyright and media law advice media companies and media professionals in any employment legal task.

We help employers in every staff-related measure; media companies often require a flexible personnel deployment in really tight time limitations and the support of a specialized law firm is not to underestimate.

Media workers have a need for security and planning capability of their future career. Correspondingly, particular employment contracts also need to be discussed and negotiated with the employees; this could often lead to labour law proceedings that have to be carefully discussed with an attorney. Roles such as editor, director, actor, musician, composer, singer, lyricist, translator etc. often need legal support on copyright-related issues. We are here to help you.