The right of freedom of media reporting, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and freedom of press are the most important fundamental foundations of democracy and, as a matter of principle, are embedded in Article 1, 2 and 5 of the Basic Law.

But media communication has also different sides. It can unjustly destroy the honor and prestige of a person. The basic rights of a human being can be violated by declaring false or untruthful facts about this person, unlawful or manipulated photos can be “leaked” on the internet, and the private sphere of a person can easily be infringed.

In these cases, it is generally issued an injunction proceeding, or a request for compensation for pain/damages or similar. Negative reports however, are not changed by juristic decisions. Unfortunately, even successful processes can have negative consequences in the light of their new public impact.

What we do for you is: after examining of all the material, proofs and your legal situation, we will let you know a possible tactical move in order to succeed in your goal. We offer more than a legal advice; it is all about your success and your reputation. We will support and accompany you throughout all the legal proceedings, before the Federal Constitutional Court or the European Court of Human Rights. Our experienced attorneys also advise and represent a few medium-sized press companies in all matters of media and press law.


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