Recording rights: what does it mean?

The producer of a recording has the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute and make the above-mentioned recording publicly available. If the phonogram has been produced by a company, the owner of the company is deemed to be the producer. The legal right is not automatically obtained by creating a record.  The recording rights are valid only if granted by the Master of Music Recording. Those rights are transferable. The recording producer can grant another person the right to use the material for individual or all of the uses reserved to him.  The legal rights extinguish 70 years after the first release of the recording. If a published recording, made accessible to the public, on which the performance of an artist is recorder, is used for the public reproduction of the performance, the producer of the recording has a right to reasonable participation in the remuneration.

What does the Master Rights concern?

The master rights concern the recording or performance rights of a music recording. Typically, the master right of recording producers or music producers is held for a predetermined period of time.

What can we do in legal proceedings regarding recording rights?

Within the scope of the following services, we formulate the legal framework:

  • For the development, administration and licensing of digital rights
  • During the publishing of digital downloads and mobile music
  • When delivering to suppliers, wholesalers and service providers
  • Sales and marketing campaigns and strategies in collaboration with rights owners, artists and distribution partners
  • In the administration and distribution of AudioMaster and metadata (data on publishing houses, artist, ISRC etc.)
  • For alternative evaluations such as ringtones, master ringtones, mix ringtones, java karaoke, MMS music and sounds, hold music and recall music, picture ringtones, java tones, streamed music, streamed music videos, mobile games, DVB-H (digital terrestrial and mobile TV) , SMS music services, digital TV, set top boxes and radios.
  • In sales and marketing campaigns, artist specials and playlists, cooperation with branded manufacturers and hardware manufacturers (for example player manufacturers), cooperation with mobile platforms
  • For services such as iTunes, OD2, MTV, My Coke Music, Tiscali, Virgin Downloads, MTV (Apple) , MSN (Microsoft), Connect (Sony), 24/7, Vitaminic u.a. MusicNet (US), Napster (US/UK), RealNetworks (US), Soundbuzz (Asia), Bigpond (Australia), Jamster, Audio Lunch Box (US), iTunes Germany, Medion, Jamster, Musicload (T-Online), Finetunes, MSN Deutschland,,, Pro7, WOM, Karstadt, Media Markt, MTV, AOL, O2, Vodafone D2, Sony Ericsson, Deeep.Net, Popfile, CTS, Eventim, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telefonica, TeliaSonera, Orange,, Jamba!, Zed, Planet Sagem, Freenet, Arvato mobile, Musiwave, Sony Net Services, Ericsson etc.