Social networks are the future. Every day, millions of photos, videos, links and other content are shared with users from all over the world via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other similar platforms. Being social is being online… on line with the world.

For self-employed people or small/medium/major companies the social web presence is now almost obligatory. Social Media is not just sharing. It’s communicating, specifying certain target groups and addressing those with innovative advertising campaigns.


However, the legal and the online world are constantly coming together. Whether copyright law, data protection law, personal rights or competition law, the legal framework must of course also be observed.

Our team of legal experts can explain you in a practical and comprehensible way what start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and companies must pay attention to from a legal point of view on their way into the social web.

We can provide you with the necessary basic knowledge to operate profiles in social networks in a legally secure manner. What is an imprint and when do you need one? How can I protect my content from other people using it for their purposes? Who is liable for what content?

All these questions and many more can be answered by our team of experts. Get in touch with us. 

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