The handling of media law legal issues by sector is complemented by sector-specific legal solutions. For some sectors, such as the film industry, the legal area often overlaps in other legal fields of law, such as copyright and media law; the product “movie” in fact can regards different areas of law. Nevertheless, many film-specific legal sectors remain: such as producer laws, co-producer laws or film financing laws.

Our qualified and experienced lawyers have profound knowledge of the following industries:

  • Music industry (musicians, composers, copywriters, record labels, organizers etc.)
  • Film industry (actors, directors, screenwriters, producers, promoters etc.)
  • Television industry (broadcasters, actors, directors, TV presenters, advertisers, TV subscribers etc)
  • Radio industry (radio stations, radio hosts, authors, listeners etc.)
  • Publishing industry (film publishing, music publishing, book publishing, media publishing etc.)
  • Event Industry (event organizer, event planner, local event office / venue operator, ticket vendor etc.)
  • Agencies (music agencies, film agencies, artist agencies, event agencies, publishing agencies, media agencies, photo agencies, modeling agencies, software agencies, advertising agencies, etc.)
  • New Media industry
  • Games industry (game developers, studios, publishers etc.)