Civil Law & Media Matters: German BGB Regulations

Media law is the sum of all legal principles that regulate publications and the relationships of the “protagonists” of the media world. It is a so-called “cross-sectional matter” and concerns media law includes public law, criminal law and civil law.

Mostly it concerns themes such as press, broadcasting and film. On the one hand, the regulatory goal of media law is to guarantee the free formation and expression of opinion. On the other hand, effective protection of intellectual property is to be achieved.

On the civil law level, there are some media law claim bases. As a rule, there are claims for: Cease and desist (in the case of factual allegations and value judgements), Counterstatement (only in the case of factual allegations), Correction (in the case of factual allegations that later turn out to be untrue), material damages (in case of factual allegation and value judgement) and non-material damages (in case of factual allegation and value judgement).

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