Art law regards all manifestations of art, such as visual arts and cultural arts (theater, opera, serious music, etc.).

The designation of “artistic rights” is abstract, as there is no authorized art act or art law in the German legal system. The term “art law” itself, however, bundles the legal issues and solutions that are fundamental for artistic workpieces.

Art law can accordingly stand for all those art-relevant decisions, norms and areas of law. Thus, art law includes parts of the Civil Code (BGB), the Commercial Code (HGB), the Copyright Act (UrhG), the Penal Code (StGB), Competition Law (UWG) and other laws. The following legal issues are really common in German “Art Law”

  • Restitution of pieces of art issues;
  • Inheritance of works of art;
  • Transport of art-pieces issues;
  • Art and penal law;
  • Purchase of art issues;
  • Auctions issues;
  • Museums laws;
  • Galleries laws;
  • Photography of works of art;
  • General Art law;
  • Art-Licenses rights;
  • Modification of pieces of art etc.

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