We are a team of qualified attorneys, specialized in copyright and media law who are here to advice and represent you in all press law matters; we have a particular interest in protection of honor and right of expression´s cases. We list you some of the most common keywords regarding this topic.

  • Examination, assertion and defence against injunctive relief, counterstatements, revocation claims and claims for damages (including the so-called „compensation for pain and inflicted suffering);
  • Examination of journalistic due diligence obligations;
  • Examination of text publications and picture messages;
  • Copyright related queries regarding reporting of words and photojournalism;
  • Word and image rights;
  • Reputational damages/defamation/abusive criticism;
  • Personality rights infringements;
  • Consultation on freedom of opinion and freedom of press.

What can we do for you?

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  • Extra-judicial claim by press law warnings
  • Interim legal protection (preliminary injunction proceedings) also according to state press laws for the purpose of fast enforcement of press law claims
  • Enforcement of press claims in main proceedings
  • Obtaining a counter-notification and revocation
  • Elimination and future omission of incorrect factual claims
  • Elimination and shortcoming of abusive criticism/reputational damage/defamation
  • Claims for damages and compensation, including immaterial damage·         Criminal proceedings, such as criminal, subsidiary and private actions