We advise artists, musicians, composers, writers, producers as well as media, publishing, production and distribution companies of all sizes in all matters of national and international music law.

Preparation of contracts according to general music law:

We deal with the drafting of contracts and agreements, publishing agreements, remuneration agreements and publishing of administrative contracts, including drafting contracts for the production of phonograms, film data carriers and data carriers (artist and band takeover contracts, distribution contracts, performance contracts etc.).

Media law: Parallel contracts

General media law including publishing rights, press law, internet law, music law, film law, television law and event law, as well as drafting contracts for film and television productions (scripted contracts, exploitation agreements, and production agreements) Management contracts, agency contracts, consultancy contracts and promotional contracts; Media cooperation and merchandising agreements Technical protection measures such as access control systems and copy protection systems, in particular copy protection for audio CDs, DVDs as well as for film and multi-media DVDs and other data carriers

Negotiation management and consultations in the field of music law

Negotiation for authors with production and distribution companies


Negotiation of production and distribution companies towards authors


Copyright examinations and evaluations, especially in the areas of design and art, as well as in the case of speech, sound & image works

Rights examination, safeguarding of rights, law enforcement


National and international accounting management


Usage assessments (admissibility assessment of work use)


Judicial and arbitration enforcement of all kinds of copyrights, including interim injunctions and international legal proceedings