The radio communication industry is also no stranger to legal issues; the focus of the following lines is in fact based on the legal protection of this industry.

We advise broadcasters, radio companies (whether terrestrial, satellite, short-, medium- or long-wave) on all matters in connection with the acquisition, operation or broadcasting of individual programs or formats.

Flanking contracts from the media law

General media law including publishing law, press law, internet law, music law, film law, television law and event law as well as contract design for film and television productions (screenplay contracts, exploitation contracts, production agreements)

Management contracts, agency contracts, consultancy contracts and promotion contracts; Media Cooperation and Merchandising Agreements

Technical protective measures such as access control systems and copy protection systems, in particular copy protection for audio CDs, DVDs and film and multimedia DVDs and other data carriers.

Negotiation management and support for the radio industry Negotiation for authors with production and distribution companies

Negotiation support of production and distribution companies towards authors Copyright examinations and evaluations, in particular in the areas of design and art, as well as in the case of language, sound and image works Legal representation and support before state media authorities Legal advice and representation during license acquisition

Legal examination, legal protection, law enforcement

National and international rights management Nutzungsprüfungen”, usage analyses (admissibility assessment of the work’s usage) Judicial and arbitration enforcement of copyright claims of all kinds, including in interim injunctions and in international legal relations